Pull up a chair and end your day with a s'more around the campfire

We truly believe that some of the best memories are made around the campfire. Sitting around the campfire with good company, good tunes, and a glass of rosé in hand is a quintessential motel experience. Which is exactly why this project has been on the vision board since we first opened The June in Sauble Beach back in 2020. This year, we FINALLY made it happen, thanks to a golden collaboration with Hauser Furniture.

Want to bring our campfire vibes to your own backyard? Read on for all the before and after pics, a step by step guide to doing it yourself and links to our favourite fireside pieces. If you’re thinking of leveling up your own outdoor space at home, this is your sign to turn your outdoor space into a dreamy escape – use the code “JUNE50” to get $50 off $250+ when you shop Hauser Furniture!

The Mackinac Chair by Hauser, reminiscent of classic cottage chairs 

The Gloster Deco Fire Bowl by Hauser


Dream big, and then scale back. When we first started to plan out this space, we had three firepits, multiple lounge areas, a pop-up shop and a professional landscaping plan. The budget was coming in at over $100,000 if we wanted to do everything, and do everything now. Instead, we decided to scale the vision back and chose to start with these DIY campfire spaces. We’ll eventually work towards the dream plan with a potential pop-up space and full landscaping plan happening later this year! Sometimes, you just need to start small and work towards the big fancy plan later.


Photo courtesy of Netflix and Proper Television


The Lobby Bar mural finally came to life this season! We envisioned a bold, retro feeling mural to direct you to the Lobby Bar, and to capture your eye from the guest room balconies. We worked with the talented lzysunday to bring this to life.

The June Motel Lobby Bar patio, Sauble Beach

The Lobby Bar mural at golden hour


Grab your materials, grab a friend, and let’s elevate your own outdoor space.


Tape Measure
Spray Paint
A stick or broom
Landscape fabric
Gravel (a truck load)
River rocks 
S'mores & wine


Before you start digging, make sure your property doesn’t have any unexpected buried cables, wires or pipes so you can dig safely. If you live in Ontario, head here for more details on safe digging.



First, grab your tape measurer, spray paint, a stick or broom, and string. Measure out your space, and have a friend hold a stick or broom in the middle of where you want the campfire circle. Tie one end of the string around one end on the stick, and tie the other end of the string to the spray paint can. When you’re ready to use the spray paint to draw out the circle, take a few steps to the edge of the circle, make sure the string is tight, and spray paint your outline.



Grab your shovel, remove the dirt, and fill the shallow hole with landscape fabric.
Fill the shallow hole with gravel, and place river stones or larger stones around the circle edges.

Motelier tip: We recommend using river stones as a border, or a landscape border to help keep the gravel in place. If you don’t use river stones around the edge of the circle like we did, this will help the gravel stay in the circle!



Now is the fun part of moving around your chairs, fire pit, patio decor and accessories to create the perfect set up. Once complete, get your wine and s’mores ready, and enjoy your new campfire set up! 

The place to be once the sun starts setting

Roasted marshmallows and wine make everything fine 

The Ring Log Holder by Hauser


Chairs, Hauser
Log holder, Hauser
Fire bowl, Hauser
Side tables, Article

Photos by Lauren Miller




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