Sauble Beach has a long-held reputation as a great place to visit in July and August. But over our years of spending time there, we’ve discovered the charm of ALL its seasons. And with that in mind, we wanted to focus on adding amenities to the motel that would be enjoyed by everyone, but appreciated particularly by those guests visiting outside of summer. It’s all still a bit of a work-in-progress, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek!

We worked with local shed company Peninsula Shed to customize this shed for our needs: a service-window, two entrances and a faux wall in the middle to hide our storage. Painting and styling coming this spring!


We can’t wait to show off the landscaping from Nicola’s Garden Art, but this is what it looks like when you landscape in late fall.  We’ve added a fence to enclose the space a little more and improve the view.



This is what our DIY campfire patio looked like in 2022!



Gathering around the campfire has always been an essential part of a visit to The June in Prince Edward County. So last season, we decided to “pilot” adding campfires to the motel in Sauble Beach. This gave us a low-commitment way to see how guests would use the space, and apply any lessons learned to the final design. After a season of s’mores-eating, we knew the campfires were there to stay! In fact, we added one more campfire, lots of landscaping and the ultimate shed/bar/pop-up space to round out this very special area of the motel.



When we first started designing Heydays Restaurant, we were super-focused on pool-side patio dining.  Over our first three seasons, however, we’ve seen the interior of the restaurant come to life, particularly in the spring and fall when it’s a little cooler and Heydays is serving up some heart-warming seasonal soups! So to further amp up the cozy factor (as well as heat the space a bit more efficiently) we’ve installed a mid-century inspired gas fireplace. 

Heydays all set up for a private holiday party (FYI – we throw great private events and group retreats!)

This is the Enviro S50 model from Chantico Fireplaces for its mid-century style


The June Motel Sauble Beach reopens May 5, 2023.  Come visit us in the spring to be one of the first to see these changes! Click here to book now. 


We just wanted to say that we appreciate the funding and support we received for these initiatives, as well as the installation of smart locks and sports equipment, from the Government of Canada, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). This funding was part of the Tourism Relief Fund, which was launched to help small businesses—like ours—make it through the other side of the pandemic stronger, smarter and ready to grow!  


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