One of the reasons we originally fell in love with Prince Edward County is the breadth of activities and experiences in the area. There’s truly something for every type of traveller — whether you’re the adventurous spirit, the rebel with a cause, the social butterfly or the eternal optimist.  

This summer, we’ve come together with Philips One by Sonicare to help you make the most of your upcoming adventures. Inspired by their newest innovation, a range of battery powered, portable toothbrushes that are designed to be a packing essential for every type of traveller, we’ve put together four personalized itineraries to help you explore wine country the way you were meant toWith a two minute timer, a really cute travel case and four amazing colours to choose from, this is your ultimate travel companion to add a little pep to one up your brushing routine.



If you’re the adventurous spirit, then this is for you. You’re the person that comes alive at night and makes everything an adventure. Curiosity is what makes your world go round, and you’re always bringing out the magic in seemingly ordinary moments. 

Does this sound like you? Read on for our packing essentials and your guide to exploring The County in true midnight style.



  1. The Philips One in Midnight for the two minute timers to keep you on track with brushing
  2. Retro radio to keep the tunes alive all day and night
  3. Bottle of bubbly because you’re always celebrating


    The Philips One in Midnight



    Where to eat: Flame and Smith for the best steak and fries around! Plus, the good wine.

    Where to drink: Around the campfire at The June -- good music, good company and good vibes only.

    Patio Prince Edward County

    The campfire at The June in Prince Edward County


    Where to shop: Bloomfield Beauty for the morning after facial to recover from the previous days’ adventure.

    Spa Prince Edward County

    Bloomfield Beauty


    Where to fuel up: Picnic for the strongest coffee around, plus the colourful #designinspo.

    Cafe Prince Edward County




    Are you the rebel with a cause? You know, someone who’s effortlessly cool and takes the road less travelled. Always an original, you’re a breath of fresh air, and you use your creativity to challenge the status quo wherever you go.

    Does this sound like you? Read on for our packing essentials and your guide to exploring The County in true mint fashion. 



    1. The Philips One in Mint, because it’s compact, easily portable and adorable - the perfect travel companion with its own travel case
    2. A canvas tote bag for all of the treasures you’ll pick up during your vacay
    3. A cheeky mug that you’ll be filling with whatever you damn please all weekend

      The Philips One in Mint



      Where to eat: Stella’s for the tight knight, underground vibe. We love the chicken liver mousse!

      Prince Edward County patio

      Photo: @stellaseatery


      Where to drink: Sippin’ on brews at Matron - it’s a bit off the radar, which is right up your alley.

      Brewery Prince Edward County

      Photo: @matronfinebeer


      Where to shop: Field Made Goods for local handcrafted goods and apothecary by Sunday's Company. 

      Where to fuel up: Beacon Bike and Brew for a signature latte and breakfast sandwich. Plus, you’ll definitely be people watching on their patio.

      Prince Edward County cafe

      Beacon Bike and Brew



      This is for the social butterfly of every friend group. You’re the one who loves sunshine and living the good life. Spontaneous and outgoing, you make friends easily and have a talent for making the most of any situation. Bring on the fun.

      Does this sound like you? Read on for our packing essentials and your guide to exploring The County in true Miami style.



      1. The Philips One in Miami to add a fun pop of colour to your morning routine, and get a better clean with microvibrations and contoured bristles
      2. Luxe robe that can be thrown right over your bather
      3. Statement sunglasses that let everyone know you’re ready for a day in the sun


        The Philips One in Miami



        Where to eat: Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar for fresh seafood and fun cocktails, plus it’s the closest spot to the beach!

        Photo: @sandandpearloysterbar


        Where to drink: Stop by Parsons Brewing Company and pick up a few cans of Soft Hues in advance of heading to the beach! But, make sure you’ve got a DD for the day.

        Craft beer

        Photo: @parsonsbrewing


        Where to shop: Oak Clothing Co. is home to all of the cool, bohemian surf apparel - right up your alley.

        Boutique clothing shop Prince Edward County

        Oak Clothing Co.


        Where to fuel up: Oak Surf Club, so that you feel right at home with the beach vibes.


        MEET MANGO

        If you’re the eternal optimist, this one’s for you. You’re the person that radiates positivity and brings out the best in everyone. You’re the definition of a people person, your intuitive and kind-hearted nature is what makes you irresistible.

        Does this sound like you? Read on for our packing essentials and your guide to exploring The County in true mango style.


        1. Philips One in Mango to match the colours of your favourite outfit and deliver a brighter smile wherever you go, with a lightweight design and a portable case – on the go brushing made easy
        2. Bold lipstick that only you can rock 
        3. Statement sundress that you can dress up or down

          Philips One in Mango



          Where to eat: The Drake for some brunching! We love a table pancake.

          Drake Devonshire Prince Edward County

          Drake Devonshire


          Where to drink: Go for the tasting kits at The Grange, or a cocktail from Old Salt Cocktails, the onsite mobile cocktail bar, and stay for the Instagrammable photo opportunity.

          Winery Prince Edward County

          Old Salt Cocktails at The Grange Winery


          Where to shop: Luna Boutique for that perfect day-to-night sundress.

          Clothing boutique Prince Edward County

          Photo: @lunaboutique


          Where to fuel up: Enid Grace Piccolina Mercato for the perfect croissant and milky latte.

          Cafe Prince Edward County

          Piccolina Mercato 


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