From dingy to 70s chic, we're sharing the full transformation

The pool is the heart of this property. It’s where all of our guests want to be, sipping on frosé, listening to chill tunes and soaking up the Sauble sun. But, it was also the area of the property that needed the most serious work — the concrete deck was completely uneven and cracking, and the pool mechanics needed to be repaired before we could even think of operating it. All technical stuff aside, we wanted to bring casual luxury and the sunny, retro charm that’s so reminiscent of 70s motel pool days.

Here are the before and afters of this space, plus our source guide for all things furniture, fixtures + accessories in this space, as seen in Motel Makeover.

The pool in Sauble Beach


Sometimes, you just have to work with what you have. In our dream world, where budgets and timelines don’t exist, we would have loved to add a funky tile to this entire deck, and maybe even in the pool too. But, because we had to be strategic and make compromises, we weren’t able to make a bold statement on the deck. So, we turned to the furniture and accessories instead. To distract from the plain fresh concrete deck, we went with vintage inspired, golden umbrellas and the most retro vinyl strap chairs. They bring the right pop of faded colour and all of the 70s charm, which brought the entire space to life.


The pool before in Sauble Beach
The pool before
The pool before in Sauble Beach


The pool in Sauble Beach
The pool in Sauble Beach
The pool in Sauble Beach

The pool in Sauble Beach

pool on motel makeover netflix

Faux plants, Maclaw
Large Plant Pots, West Elm
Small Plant Pots, West Elm
Floaties, Funboy
Umbrellas, Business & Pleasure
Loungers, Pool Furniture Supply
Side tables, EQ3
Poufs, IKEA

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*All after photos courtesy of Lauren Miller




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