Co-founders and moteliers April & Sarah at The June in The County

We often say that The June is about inspiring others to live their best lives, or to enjoy life. Simply put, we believe in living in the sunshine and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in beautiful places. Like, good food and wine, great company and a really great sunset. But, it also means living boldly, taking risks and going after your wildest dreams.

Because, that's exactly what we did.


Sarah: I’ve realized there are four things that are important to me: myself, my loved ones, my business and my communities.  When I’m taking care of those things in equal harmony, I’m feeling pretty great about life. 


April: To me it’s about creating a life that’s unique to me, and that’s based on my true self. I think it took me years (or maybe a full decade), to really understand what would make me happy. It’s easy to see other successful people and say “oh, I want that”, but I learned that I needed to understand what was purposeful to me and what actually makes me happy. Creating a career and a lifestyle around those values or my true self, is what living your best life is really about for me. It’s still is a work in progress, but I’ve managed to construct a life around a job that truly challenges and inspires me, and touches on a multitude of passion points (interior design, wine, curating unique experiences, photography, travel and more). Plus the lifestyle affords me the flexibility, adventure and freedom that I need to be fulfilled.


Sarah: There were some glorious days in Prince Edward County this past summer.  Days when I’d go to work at The June, connect with our awesome staff, see guests having a great time, then return home and go for a bike ride or kayak, and spend time with friends or family who were visiting.  Those days were the best!

April: Earlier this year, I sold my condo and bought a tiny bungalow on the lake in Prince Edward County, and a tiny condo in the city. I remember plenty of evenings coming home from a day at The June and sitting on the dock with a glass of wine, good company and a magical sunset. I remember thinking “wow, this is actually my life” and feeling completely fulfilled in those moments.  This is a perfect example of thinking I wanted something – the big fancy Toronto condo – when I was actually so much happier with a tiny 500 sqft bungalow on the lake. The other moments that I'm sure I'm living my best life are when I'm seeing one of our design projects come to life. I am totally in my element planning out a new design or putting a room together! 


Sarah: Oh yes.  Before #motelierlife, I had a very good job in Toronto, but I was bored and kind of miserable.  I think I have a creative and entrepreneurial soul, and there was limited opportunity to express that in my previous career, so I was stifled.  Motelier life gives me plenty of opportunities to express myself and always keeps me on my toes!


April: Of course! I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t be living the life I am today without some very low moments.  Before becoming a motelier, I would often wonder what the point of it all was . I always understood that something was missing and that I was filling those gaps in my life with all the wrong things… nicer shoes, a better condo, more vacations, etc.  I also spent a lot of time thinking “why am I not happy with this, this life is a pretty good life” or “what else could I possibly do with my life”.  The fall before buying The June, I even flew out to BC to look at a winery that I considered buying. I remember in that moment, thinking “finally, I’ve figured it out.” But I stayed true to my gut, and when I saw the winery and the town I’d be living in, I knew that this wasn’t the path forward for me.  It should also be noted that I am terrible at keeping plants alive, so looking back it’s almost laughable that I once considered farming grapes! 



Sarah: Spend some time thinking about what’s really important to you.  Build your life around being able to focus on those things.  Also, recognize that life can be busy and challenging – cut yourself some slack at times when you’re having to focus on one part of life more than others.          

April: Be true to yourself, and create a future you want, not just the future that looks good on others. Don’t rush it, true change takes years. It’s not necessarily about quitting your job and moving across the world. The changes you need to make can be much smaller, and far more impactful. Don’t be scared to take risks, sometimes you need to try a lot of things before the right thing sticks. 

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